Raising kids can be a challenge!

Fighting Kids Frustrated Mom

Raising kids can be tough. Parenting is a difficult job. It requires lots of selflessness, energy, time, and of course expressing lots of love. At the same time, parenting is a job like nothing else. Parenting is an experience that is, despite its demands, something parents (at least most parents) wouldn’t trade for anything.

In today’s world, there are lots of things kids need to learn. There are lots of things our kids are going through that both negatively and positively impact who they are, how they feel about themselves, how they feel about the world, and how they relate to others. As a parent, we are there to guide, support, teach, love, understand, and model many different values, lessons, and behaviors.

Both boys and girls need to be able to have self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, respect for others and respect for themselves, kindness, empathy, and lots of other good things.

As a parent, there are things you can do to help build these qualities in your children. For instance, you can model what it looks like to show respect to others by handling conflicts and behaving in healthy ways when you get mad or frustrated at someone in or outside the family (including your kids).

You can also recognize the strengths in your children to help build their self-confidence by identifying when they put a lot of work into something and praising when they succeed at a certain activity. This is not to say that you should constantly tell your children “good job,” but rather to specifically identify what makes them who they are and what you see as their positive traits particularly when they work at something and then do well at the task. Additionally, it’s helpful to not only make them see the good in who they are but also help them to see the good in others by supporting siblings and friends and family in their strengths and efforts, as well.

See my article “How to Raise a Confident Daughter” over at HubPages for more information on that particular topic. I plan to write one about sons in the future. (I have one son and two daughters, so I can personally relate to parenting both genders.)

Thanks so much for reading.
Have Hope;

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About Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA

Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA. Heather has obtained a master's degree in clinical social work and a bachelor's degree in psychology with a youth services minor. Heather is also a Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Additionally, Heather is a dedicated and passionate freelance writer. Heather takes interest in topics related to parenting, children, families, personal development, health and wellness, mental health, happiness, and life coaching.
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